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Shani Rahu Conjunction, Shani Rahu Yuti – Shrapit Yoga, Pitra Dosha

rahu shani conjunction, forms or Pitra Dosha.

Shani and Rahu forms Shrapit Yoga. Shrapit means cursed and Yoga means a planetary combination. Horoscope which has Saturn and Rahu conjunction (Shani Rahu Yuti) is considered as Shrapit or Pitra Dosha or . Some astrologers have an opinion that Saturn’s aspect (Saturn aspects 3rd, 7th and 10th house from itself) on Rahu also results in Shrapit Yoga. It is believed that (shrapit yoga) is a result from the bad Karmics from the past lives which can be a bad deed or an action. Also, one should note that this yoga nullifies the other good yoga present in the same horoscope.

However, we would say, one should closely examine and compare the other good yoga, their strength, shadbal (planetary strength) with Shani and Rahu, the one with more strength will dominate. But because of the presence of this yoga the effects can be less.

Is Shrapit Yoga of Saturn and Rahu is Hereditary?

Well to explain this, let’s see the aspects of both of the planet.

Rahu aspects 5th, 7th and 9th house from its position. We also know that 9th house is the house of Father, 9th from 9th is 5th which is the house of progeny (the future generation) and also the house of grandfather. Also, if we see in reverse order, 9th being your father, 7th being your spouse (life partner which will give you your future generation) and 5th being your progeny, we must say, Yes that’s an hint for Hereditary of this Yoga.

Now coming to Shani’s aspect, Shani aspects 3rd, 7th and 10th house from its position. If we see 9th house, its 3rd from 7th, 7th house is 3rd from 5th and 5th house is 3rd from 3rd. So, Saturn too has an influence on all three major houses which are related to the generation cycle in one’s chart.

The exact conjunction day is September 25th, 2013 IST falls on a Wednesday when Mercury transits into Libra and joins Shani and Rahu in Libra (shani rahu in tula rashi).

We would suggest that if you find this yoga in your kundli or in navmansh (D-9), kindly take some serious astrological consultation on this, no pooja or remedy can remove the effect completely but a good approach and proper remedial procedure will surely bring down the malefic effect close to a minimum.

(and other rashi), what does it mean?

Well this would need a separate post to explain the effect of shani and rahu yuti (conjuction) in tula rashi and various others but to end the anxiety quickly, think in this way:

Shani makes rules and Rahu breaks them. Shani love to be in limits and Rahu wants to be limitless. This could lead into frustrations, tensions or in very very extreme case a suicidal tendency in a native. Please note that one should not jump to the conclusion that Oh! Since I have Shani and Rahu conjuction, I may commit suicide. Please, it’s our humble advice that you should also check other houses and planets before deducing anything.

However, a brief is given below based on the Rahu Saturn conjunction:

  1. Possibility of inter-caste marriage
  2. Inability to adapt new culture, possibly after foreign relocation
  3. Change of Religion, one might convert his/her religion (possibly after inter-caste marriage)
  4. Social rejection

Did you know?

Shani and Rahu conjunction will last till Rahu leaves Libra. Rahu will leave Libra on 13th July, 2014. Until then the yuti will form Shrapit Yoga or Pitra Dosha or Pitru Dosha.

The last time both Saturn and Rahu were in Libra was 1864-1865 which is about 150 years ago.

This conjunction will occur at 15 degrees Libra in the Swati constellation which would lead the following consequences as a whole:


  1. A good change in political system which will ultimately favor the masses.
  2. Good economy or social reform.


  1. More unnatural deaths may be because of natural calamity, riots or because of any unexpected reason.
  2. Bad economy.
  3. Bad political system, most prominent political leader could face deceits or may be overthrown.




  1. Its valuable and a good knowledge to every one

  2. I am suffering this itme.also stuck in some legal troubles recently where my spouce and in laws are making life trouble. Knowing it will end by 14july 2014 is in fact a big relief.

  3. Hi Himanshu
    Im going tough time from all the front ,like family ,work and my health I know my dasha is good due to that i have job however things are not good Im not happy.
    Please you can tell me the remedy.
    Jan 5th 1972 9.15 am Place of birthi s bangalore.

  4. Hi

    I am suffering since beginning of this year and have lost my job. My DOB is 16th Sept’74 , 4 am in Faridabad

    I really need help pl. suggest

  5. Hi

    I am suffering since 5 year and now i have lost my job. My DOB is 19th aug 1985 , 4 pm in pune wada I need ur help pls suggest

  6. Hello

    Please advice when would I get married facing extreme situations since long time but last one and half year has been particularly devastating
    broken friendships cheated , broken engagement etc

  7. this is very good article.
    but would be really great if you can mention what will be effect when Sun will join Rahu and saturn on 17th October 2013. and mercury is also there.
    what kind of effects native will get ? babies who will take birth during this time….what will be effects?

    sun will be neecha and saturn will be ooncha …along with rahu and Mercury …..wanted to know the effects.


  8. Well, Shani Seems to be the Yogakaraka Planet for Libra Ascendant. And if Shani Aspects Rahu. Does that even form Shrapit Yoga for this ascendant????
    I have Shani in Saggi(3rd House) aspecting 5th House Aquarius(Own) and Rahu is present in my fifth House. Does that form Shrapit Yog too.

  9. hi since last few years due to this rahu shani yutee i have been facing lots of financial problems since last two months i am ok to take breaths but it was a tough time

    i do worship to shri shiva and mataji kuldevee

    please show some of the other remidies



  10. guruji i have Shani and Rahu in first house, plz suggest abt this…im really very tense

  11. Namaskar G
    my detail is DOB- 09 Oct 1972, Time- 07.15 AM Morning , place – budaun (UP)
    Ple tell me , why everything is going in wrong direction — no favour– even NO Job,
    Heathh problem , many dispute —ple tell solution.


  12. Namaskar G
    my detail is DOB- 09 feb 1979, Time- 07.00 AM Morning , place – akola near udaipur (rajasthan)
    Ple tell me , why everything is going in wrong direction — when i involve with female have lot of problem bt final got married but having lot of problems and not getting child also v r in stage of divorce , lost my work and not getting things on track dnt knw wat to do.plz help if you can


  13. DOB 8th Feb 1969 , 10:40PM Jalna .
    In Dec 2013 while Shani & Rahu transit in Libra same time Shani mahadasha & Shani antar Rahu .
    Now , when the negative effect caused due to this conjuction in profession will be over.

  14. my son,s dob is 3/6/2002 he is having conjunction of shani+ sun+rahu+budh in 9th house in libra
    what remedie i should do for him kindly suggest me his moon is in 6th house
    my mail is positive669@gmail.com

  15. I got shani and rahu in 5th house of my horoscope. I’m also blind. The cause as doctors say is because of a genetical problem. Is this because of these 2 planets forming pitraDosha?
    Ketu is in 11 house. My income is also zero, but I think thats mostly because of blindness.
    If so, what could be remedy?
    Could you please send me an email instead of replying here? syshbw@gmail.com

  16. Dear
    I have shani and rahu in second house Shani 16 degree and rahu 28.40 degree.
    I work 100% but still struggling in life. What ever I have earned has been lost, NO work satisfaction no family life everything is a he’ll. I wake up every morning thinking would change. But nothing seems working, I have lost interest to live.
    Please Could you advise.

    • Namaste Viresh Ji,

      Please provide your birth details so that I can look the complete horoscope. Based on the background you have provided I think there are more dimensions that needs investigation.

      Jai Maa!

  17. DOB-24/02/1979
    Time of birth- 12.15 A.M(Saturday)
    PLace of Birth- Kolkata,West Bengal,India
    I am jobless. Rahu +SAaturn in 10th House.I cant continue my job more than 2 months.help.

    • Hello Soumik Ji.

      You have Scorpio ascendant and Sagittarius rashi. Your lagn lord Mangal is in 4th house of lord Shani with Sun (lord of 10th house), Mercury (lord of 8th and 11th house) and Ketu. Ideally this combination in not so helpful for the fructification of the benefits related to 4th house. So I would request you to do some remedies for Mars.

      Ketu being in 4th house will try to detach you from you native place, mother, house etc. You should also do remedies for Shani and Surya as lord Shani is debilitated in your 10th house, the house of Karma, so praying lord Shani, visiting Shani temple on Saturdays, reciting shani mantra or Hanuman Chalisa would definitely help you from the wrath of lord Shani.

      Surya is in your 4th house (house of lord Shani) and aspects directly to your 10th house where lord Shani is posited, so this direct aspect of Surya and Shani is the main reason of the turmoil related to your career. remedies of Surya will help you to at least bring the effects to the minimum. For Surya I would suggest just offer Jal in the morning.

      Currently you are running under Rahu mahadasha and Moon’s antar-dasha, overall it will be a mixed period.
      You will start to rise from 4-Sep-2018 and will achieve almost everything from 2018 – 2034.

      I am so confident that if you do these remedies, it will help you a lot.

      Jai Maa!

  18. Dear Himanshuji

    I have been struggling from time I gained my senses.
    No body has given me a correct advise. Just have been wandering without success.
    I shall appreciate if you could advise me the right Puja to perform as my horoscope has been a controversial issue with different astrologers.
    DOB 06-02-68
    Time 7.50 Am
    Place of birth Delhi
    I shall really appreciate your advice

  19. Dear Himanshu. I’ve got Saturn-Rahu conjunction in 2nd house. My financial and material life has been difficult even when I´ve got a high powerful Jupiter. Could you suggest me a deity that can help me? Please I need help.

    My dates:
    Born: April 12, 1979
    Time: 13:15 p.m.
    Place: Bucaramanga (Santander) Colombia

  20. I m living in Australia last 10 years but still not got my permanent residency and every time I faced backwards and getting anything better. I applied career visa for my mother in laws but still nothing good results even we won in the court.please assist us ASAP.

  21. I m living in Australia last 10 years but still not got my permanent residency and every time I faced backwards and getting anything better. I applied career visa for my mother in laws but still nothing good results even we won in the court.please assist us ASAP.
    My date do birth 14/10/1978
    Birth time 8:00pm

  22. divya 15/07/1983,12;45 pm,bhilai chhattisgarh.my husband balswaroop 29/04/1979,5;25 am,rajnandgaon chhattisgarh.planning for ivf

  23. I am very depressed after reading so many notes on rahu Saturn conjunctions I have this in my fifth house , I am 38 years old women , struggled a lot but….. Now I am worried for my kids it will effect their life , any puja any taap can help me ,

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